Mr and Mrs 50 Plus

About Mr and Mrs 50 Plus is a site aimed at people who are 50 plus. 

Whether you’re 51 and have just sneaked into the age category or are well into your 50s, 60s, 70s or beyond, then this site is for you.

So, who are Mr and Mrs 50 Plus? 

Well Mr and Mrs 50 Plus are everyone over 50 but if you mean who did it start with, then it started with Mr. C and Mrs C.

Once upon a time,  Kathryn and Nigel started a site called  They ran that successfully for 11 years and then sold it.  What did they do with the proceeds?  Pay off their mortgage?  No nothing as sensible as that.  They went travelling around the world for a year. Kathryn and Nigel didn’t want to be those people who simply left it too late.

As empty-nesters they had  reached a different stage in their life and as such were both increasingly aware of the need for an interesting, non-patronising look at the lives of those in their older years.

Being in their mid-50s they certainly don’t consider themselves to be ‘old’.  But like lots of people fifty plus, they are very aware of how the world views older people, women in particular.  So, just for the record, Mr and Mrs 50 Plus are not decaying old cronies who wear beige, go on coach trips instead of holidays and spend all their leisure time on the sofa.

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Affectionately known as Mr C, and more recently "Bamps" to 5 little'uns, I'm a sixty-something whose kids have flown the nest and I now spend my time working with Mrs C on our different projects. I've visited over 75 different countries and love travelling. I enjoy road trips and sipping a cold beer when the time allows (not together, of course!).

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I'm Kathryn, aka Mrs C. I'm an empty-nester with a passion for reading and travelling. Biggest headaches in my 50s & 60s? Chronic Pain, high prescription multifocal contacts, varifocal glasses and a left ear which has become less efficient with time. Best thing about being older is without doubt my 5 gorgeous grandchildren.

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