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I'm Kathryn, aka Mrs C. I'm an empty-nester with a passion for reading and travelling. Biggest headaches in my 50s & 60s? Chronic Pain, high prescription multifocal contacts, varifocal glasses and a left ear which has become less efficient with time. Best thing about being older is without doubt my 5 gorgeous grandchildren.

Private Tutoring for Extra Income with Impact Tutors

Can you really supplement your income with private tutoring? Yes you can! If you’re browsing around MrandMrs50Plus.com, the chances are you’re of an age.You may be in a full-time job knowing you have to carry on working your socks off…

Things That Made Me Go Oooooh
From make-up to top beauty products, films and books, hand creams and chocolate, clothes and holidays, you name it - every month we'll tell you about products we particularly like or love. My favourite this month is the Botanicals Hand…