Lyndsay Hirst
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Lyndsay Hirst is a chartered physiotherapists with over 15 years experience in both the NHS and private sectors. She is also trained in modified clinical Pilates. She runs a successful physiotherapy practice in the UK as well as a website offering all her clinical Pilates workouts online.

Pilates For Back Pain

It’s not uncommon for most of us to get some back pain as we get older.  Our joints stiffen, we’re not as active as we once were and in general we simply start to creak. Perhaps it’s worth looking at…

Managing Arthritis and Joint Pain
Osteoarthritis (OA) or ‘wear and tear’ arthritis is the most common joint condition, thought to affect over 8 million people in the UK. It causes pain, swelling and stiffness in a joint and can affect any joint in the body.…