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Would you like to do some product testing and become a product tester for us?

Product Testing

Lots of companies want people to do some product testing for them.  It helps them get useful feedback about their products.  There is no charge for the products you receive, and they are yours to keep.  However, there is a lot of admin for us to find the right product reviewer for the various products. For this we ask that you pay a year’s subscription of only £8 to cover these costs.

What we can do though, is guarantee that during your subscription year you will receive products worth MORE than your subscription fee.  And in many cases you may receive something significantly more valuable.  What you receive, and when, will depend entirely on what a company wants a product review for..  So it could be something as simple as a moisturiser, or it could be a new mobile phone.  It could be a food product, a book or an opportunity to visit a local restaurant or theatre.  Nobody knows until a company asks us to find a product tester for a specific product review.

Product Testing FAQs

Become a Product Tester

To become a registered product tester and reviewer for MrandMrs50Plus, just hit the button below!

Once you have paid, simply fill in the registration form (which pops up after payment) with some personal details! We need to ask some questions to know what sort of products will be suitable for you.