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Loves, Likes and Must Haves

Must Haves

must haves

Every month Mrs 50 Plus will be sharing her loves, likes and must haves. There’ll be reviews of beauty products, moisturisers, body lotions and make-up as well as the occasional book and gift. Candles will no doubt figure somewhere too! Obviously there’ll be a few dislikes along the way – but, hey, that’s life!

So the definition of ‘must haves’ ? A Must Have is something that is indispensable or obligatory. Some of my favourite products feed the skin, some feed the soul, some feed the body and some …. well who needs a reason? Get the picture? For me, my varifocal contact lenses count as a must have yet they aren’t one of my loves or likes. They’re pretty much indispensable for me.  Perfume, however – that’s definitely a must have.  Even when I have a pyjama day and don’t go out, I always wear perfume. And I always do a little spritz before bed … Well why not?!