faux pas error
The Faux Pas – Tony’s Monday Moan

The French phrase ‘ faux pas ’ translates to ‘false step’. A political equivalent happened…

Do Pets Make Us Happier?

It’s often talked about, but is it really true?  Do pets make us happier, really?…

What's wrong with Facebook?
What’s Wrong With Facebook?

You may have already noticed at the footer of our page a little comment stating…

woman walking dog
Approaching The Big Five 0

Years ago, it felt like it would be a big deal to hit being 50.…

woman over 50
Where Are All The Women Over 50?

If you’re a woman and you’re in your fifties, you can’t be blamed for feeling…

The Perfect Road Trip
What Makes the Perfect Road Trip?
As a veteran of several now, I can categorically say that the road trip is…
A smiling middle-aged woman
Is Advertising Wasted on Women Over 50?
Are you alone in getting so frustrated with advertising that you simply zone out?  Well…
Mr and Mrs 50 Plus
Crossing the 50 Plus Line
There are many transitions in a person’s lifetime.  Some are life-changing; like puberty, getting your…


Opinions?  Opinion pieces?  Opinion editorials? Op eds?  world in handWhatever you want to call them, opinion pieces are always going to annoy someone.  After all opinions are very much subjective.  And as we know, you can’t please all of the people all of the time.

MrandMrs50Plus.com has plenty of objective advice and information as well as some chatty and perhaps irreverent opinion pieces.

Even if you don’t agree with our opinions by our various 50 plus writers, then we hope you at least enjoy them.  Mr and Mrs 50 Plus all like the occasional rant and we’re more than happy to include them here.  Tony Drury’s rant about cyclists is probably pretty annoying if you’re a keen cyclist.  Nonetheless it’s what he thinks.

Opinion pieces will always offend someone.  However by the time we’ve reached our fifties and beyond, we should be able to hear people out. After all  we all like a bit of controversy!