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50 Plus HealthFor the over 50s health often starts to become an issue. 

You may have been super-healthy most of your life. But you can bet that some health issue or other will crop up once you’re 50 plus.

Women’s magazines writing about over 50s health often focus on menopause and rightly so as this can be a huge issue for women in their fifties.  It can also be harder to maintain a healthy weight and many women suffer from anxiety. Our diet and fitness experts have plenty of advice and information for you, both to help and reassure you.

Over 50s Health

Men in their fifties aren’t immune from the rigours of their first half-century either.  Whether it’s prostate trouble, dodgy knees, thinning hair, there are a multitude of issues which affect men.

And then of course, there’s  high cholesterol, high blood pressure, urological issues, mental health, diabetes, obesity, asthma and heart problems … A veritable minefield!