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Is Advertising Wasted on Women Over 50?

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Over 50s lifestyle? Pretty much the same as someone of 49 really! 50 is just another birthday, isn’t it?! cactus pots

It would seem not though when you look at the way marketing is always targeting young people.

Once our children have left home, we tend to have a bit more money to spend on ourselves and our home.  Mr and Mrs 50 Plus have more money to spend on making our homes look just right. We don’t have to buy three pairs of children’s shoes every year, for starters!

Over 50s lifestyle has never really been seen as aspirational unlike the 20-something Instagrammers making everything look so perfect.  However we are the people spending the most money on cars, holidays, our houses and ourselves.

Our lives as we get older are about enjoying ourselves, being happy and healthy and enjoying our down-time. Yes we think about pensions and health insurance and all that malarkey.  However we are generally more relaxed and less stressed than when we were younger. And why not?