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Wellness has become a bit of a buzzword of late and over 50s wellness is big business.pebbles

As we get older, let’s say 50 plus, many of us start to have a bit more time for ourselves.  We realise how important it is to look after ourselves to ensure we have a healthy and happy old age.

If you still have children at home and/or older parents you’re looking after, then looking after yourself is just as important. Perhaps it’s even more important.

Over 50s Wellness

Over 50s wellness is all about eating healthily, keeping fit and being aware of our mental health. In your fifties is the perfect time to take up meditation or mindfulness.  No pesky kids to disturb you! Being aware and mindful of the present, stops you stressing about old problems you can do nothing about!

Back ache?  Take up Pilates or yoga – anything to keep you stretching and moving.

Don’t forget a healthy mind is as important as a healthy body!