Mr and Mrs 50 Plus
Crossing the 50 Plus Line
There are many transitions in a person’s lifetime.  Some are life-changing; like puberty, getting your…


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Here on our Quintastic Blog you can read our thoughts, rants, raves and opinions.

Mr and Mrs 50 Plus will be having their say and other guest bloggers will occasionally pop up too.

We All Love a Rant

Let’s face it we all love a rant and most of us like to sing the praises of something that’s particularly impressed us. Sometimes we just want to ‘talk’!

Whether it’s because our utility company is being an obnoxious pain in the you know what, we’ve loved a film or had a fantastic holiday.

There’ll be regular stuff to get you thinking about everyday life, perhaps occasionally with a hint of a growl, but more often than not with a smile and a tongue in cheek.

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