pen and notebook
How I Ended Up Writing A Book

The first rock concert I ever went to, I was appearing in it. Stan Arnold ruminates on how he ended…

scan of metal hips
How Did I Get These?

“In 1990, at the height of my Fitness Instructor career, when I was 38 years of age, my lovely and…

Glamping dog
Charles Gulland – The Glamping Man

There’s a famous line in Lawrence of Arabia – “Big things have small beginnings”. When a boy who was born…

Quintastic People

Quintastic people are everywhere.  old man - quintasticThere was a time when hitting 40 meant you were ‘past it’. No more though.  With 50 being the new 40,  most of us over 50s simply don’t think of ourselves as ‘old’. In fact, many people 50 plus will say they’ve never felt more confident or happy in their skin than now.

You don’t have to be young to be fantastic and that’s the essence of being quintastic.  You’re over fifty or older and you feel fantastic. With careers and jobs no longer being for life, many quintastic people out there are starting businesses in their 50s, 60s and even 70s!  And why not?  Free of the constraints of bringing up children, the sky’s the limit.

Age 70 with some extra time on your hands, why not write a book like some of our quintastic people?  Can’t find the right make-up for your drier skin, then start your own cosmetics company?  And why not?