Eyejusters glasses
Eyejusters – Adjustable Reading Glasses

You’ll no-doubt at some point hear many a 50 plusser droning on about their ever-failing…

Alcatel U5 HD smartphone
Alcatel U5 HD Smartphone

 Nigel tells us what he thinks of the Alcatel U5 HD smartphone … Phones nowadays…

Favourite Beauty Products
Kathryn’s Favourite Beauty Products April
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Gx Suspension Pillow
Gx Suspension Pillow™

Bought myself a new pillow last week, called a Gx Suspension Pillow, and touch wood,…

Good Skincare
Super Skin Saviours

Looking to revamp your skincare routine?. We’ve searched out six of the latest launches, all…

Vale Resort
The Vale Resort & Spa – Wales

A few weeks back, we went to The Vale Resort for what I think I’ll…

bright blue eye
Real Eye Openers

Puffiness, dark circles, drooping lids and crow’s feet…. they’re common beauty bugbears staring some of…

The Main Pool at Martinhal Quinta
Martinhal Quinta – Time to Switch Off

A couple of years ago we visited a little corner of Portugal to have an…

Private Tutoring for Extra Income with Impact Tutors

Can you really supplement your income with private tutoring? Yes you can! If you’re browsing…

Sea Turtle - Colourful
Things That Made Me Go Oooooh
From make-up to top beauty products, films and books, hand creams and chocolate, clothes and…


Reviews by the over 50s are few and far between if you take a look at many of the review sites out there.  review starsMr and Mrs 50 Plus have a lot to say about things they buy and places they go.  However,  you wouldn’t know it from the dearth of reviews by the over 50s online. It’s as if the over fifties are an invisible group!

Reviews, ratings, word-of-mouth recommendations? Most of us like to know what other people think before we buy a product.  Similarly we like to find out what reviewers think before we go and book a hotel or holiday.  Let’s be fair, most of us check it TripAdvisor before we go to stay anywhere!

Some of MrandMrs50Plus.com’s reviews are review feature articles, whereas others are simply images with brief comments. We will shortly be adding a section where you will be able to review products too.