Robert Maxwell
Robert Maxwell – Tony’s Monday Moan

This week Tony’s having a bit of a rant about Robert Maxwell … Robert Maxwell is the scariest person I…

50 Years - A Long Road?
Fifty Years of Progress – The Monday Moan

28 September 1968. What happened? See photograph below. I met Judy when I started work at Midland Bank, Kidderminster. She…

Pseudoscience – Tony’s Monday Moan

Pseudoscience, mumbo-jumbo, claptrap, old-fashioned nonsense? What’s Tony moaning about this week? My pal Rupert is a former consultant gynaecologist. He…

Japanese Population
The Ageing Population

You are in the majority. That is if you are aged over 65. I will explain the importance of this…

tax avoidance
Tax Avoidance – Tony’s Monday Moan

Here is an insult to your integrity. The following statement was made recently by a HM Revenue & Customs spokesman:…

become a millionaire
Become a Millionaire – The Monday Moan

YOU can become a millionaire. I reveal ‘How’ below. Sir Gareth Southgate? An article in ‘The Times’ saying that the…

Emotional Music in Sport
Music and Sport – The Monday Moan

Are you emotional? Classic FM listeners have been voting on the top ten most popular pieces of sporting classical music.…

smiling man
What Makes YOU Laugh? – Tony’s Anti Monday Moan

Tony seems to spend half us life moaning meldrewesquely about something or other!  Today marks a sea-change though as he…

Weighing Scales
Food Intake and Weight Control – The Monday Moan

My pal Richard lives on his weighing scales.  Every morning he stands on the platform and registers the reading. This…

Brexit Boris Johnson
A Man Called Boris – Tony’s Monday Moan

It’s SUMMER QUIZ time. Hidden in the completely fictional story about a politician called Boris are the titles of three…

The Monday Moan

blah blahTony loves a good moan.  He particularly likes a Monday Moan!

The Monday Moan section is where people over 50 have a rant about something that’s really bugging them! Their bugbears could be your bugbears. Who knows?

Tony Drury is our biggest moaner. Tony’s always got something to moan and rant about as you can see. From cyclists taking over the roads to our litigious society. From Australian cricketers to Russian oligarchs – you name it – Tony can moan about it!