Question Time and Brexit – Tony’s Monday Moan

This week Tony’s Monday Moan has left Mr and Mrs 50 Plus pretty bemused. There’s a bit of Brexit, some…

Judaism, Dentists and Theresa May! – Tony’s Monday Moan

This week Tony’s had a traumatic visit to his dentist yet he’s still found time to have a moan about…

Stress and Meditation – Tony’s Monday Moan

So this Monday, Tony is talking about stress and meditation.  Meditation is good for stress as we all know and…

restorative justice
Restorative Justice – Tony’s Monday Moan

Today Tony’s talking about Restorative Justice …oh and homophobia, Theresa May, Michael Gove and Boris Johnson … ‘What’s it all…

woman brain
Do Men and Women Think Differently? – Tony’s Monday Moan

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Novella Nostalgia
Novella Nostalgia – The Monday Moan

“Ant, I prefer to read literature.” The speaker was my sister. My family name is ‘Anthony’. Gill calls me ‘Ant’.…

Gevrey Chambertin
The Brutal Face of Business – Tony’s Monday Moan

Today Tony’s having a good old moan about the brutal face of business!  Asset stripping, immoral businessmen … you name…

The Daily Mirror
Robert Maxwell’s Death – Tony’s Monday Moan

Last week Tony told us all about his dealings with the obnoxious Robert Maxwell.  This week he continues with Robert…

Robert Maxwell
Robert Maxwell – Tony’s Monday Moan

This week Tony’s having a bit of a rant about Robert Maxwell … Robert Maxwell is the scariest person I…

50 Years - A Long Road?
Fifty Years of Progress – The Monday Moan

28 September 1968. What happened? See photograph below. I met Judy when I started work at Midland Bank, Kidderminster. She…

The Monday Moan

blah blahTony loves a good moan.  He particularly likes a Monday Moan!

The Monday Moan section is where people over 50 have a rant about something that’s really bugging them! Their bugbears could be your bugbears. Who knows?

Tony Drury is our biggest moaner. Tony’s always got something to moan and rant about as you can see. From cyclists taking over the roads to our litigious society. From Australian cricketers to Russian oligarchs – you name it – Tony can moan about it!