Make-Up for Mature Eyes

I’m 55, and like many women my age and older, I have found that there’s no way I can apply my make-up the same as when I was younger. So I’ve been looking at videos on YouTube to try and suss out the best way to do ‘make-up for mature eyes’.  I’ve seen quite a few how-to tutorials and I really like this one by Heather, who is in her 60s and used to be a model back in the ’80s.

Hooded Eyes? Droopy Eyes?

My eyes have gone a bit droopy, or hooded as some people say.  This means that when I apply eye shadows in the usual place into the crease line, you can’t actually see it when my eyes are in the usual position. Obviously if I open my eyes wide it’s fine but then I just look like a mad fool.  Heather shows in the video how you can apply your deeper shade of eye-shadow above the crease-line and hey presto, you can see it again.

Heather learnt most of her trade secrets from professional makeup artists and her tips on applying eye makeup using shadow, liner, mascara and highlighters are well worth watching.  Make-up for mature eyes can’t be done in the same way as make up for twenty year olds and following Heather’s tips is a great way to open up your eyes and keep a youthful appearance! No more hooded eyes or droopy eyes, just mature eyes looking their best!

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