How to Apply Natural Looking Make Up in Your 50s

I love this clear and easy-to-follow tutorial showing how to apply a natural looking make up in your 50s.

As I’m getting older, I’m finding that less is more and the natural look is much more forgiving on more mature skin. As we age we lose that fresh, luminous look to our skin that we had in our youth, so recreating that glow is very important. Plenty of water, fresh fruit and veg in our diet is a good start.  Add to that a decent moisturiser and we’re part of the way there. I like a radiant primer and a cream blusher but my must-have is my Bobbi Brown Shimmer Stick!

Another video I really like is by Charlotte Tilbury and shows you how to apply anti ageing make up

The principle is very much the same in both and I’ve learned quite a few tips and hints for applying my make up more naturally.

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