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Who Is The Quintastic Sharon Trotter?

Granny, Grandad, Mia and Odin
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  1. Mrs Pip Wheelwright says:

    I loved your feature on Sharon, I was very lucky to hear about Sharon back in 2007 or so when my journey into starting my own business as a work at home Mum, who had nursed both my own sons, and was passionate about promoting the joys and benefits of breastfeeding through a soft, tactile breastfeeding, educational resource Mum and back doll set I created to show the bond and attachment between Mum and Baby. ( Hidden magnets in the Mum and baby showed and allowed them to kiss, hold hands, cuddle and show breastfeeding positions) my business took many turns, and sold to families, midwives, hospitals, schools, breastfeeding groups, child minders, children’s centers, pre and post natal groups, it was an incredible adventure and a very proud period of my life, sadly I took the tough decision to end in 2012, with all stocks proudly sold,!

    Sharon and I have remained in contact throughout, but have amazingly never actually met! But always promoting, supporting and chatting online) I used to donate my doll sets, for Sharon’s competitions, and wrote reviews and articles.

    Sharon never ceases to amaze me, the ever talented devoted Mother, Grandmother, Sharon is fabulous, informative, ever evolving, ever friendly, always supportive and knowledgeable that’s dear Sharon. I continue to sing her praises, as Sharon was back then, and remains a inspiration in my life as a mum of two older sons myself aside from the business side of things, Sharon remains a constant. I very much hope one day we shall meet. ( Maybe through our mutual love of Outlander) if no other excuse!! Thanks Sharon for always being there. X Pip Wheelwright X
    Pip X

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