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When it comes to the over 50s money is pretty high on the agenda.  piggy bank - over 50s money

Yes you may be coming to the end of your mortgage, but you may still be financing your children at university.  If you’re in your mid to late fifties, you may be wondering when you can retire.  Have you got enough money to retire?  Will you be able to afford your current lifestyle if you retire?

For the over 50s, money and pension worries can cause tremendous stress if you let it.  Are we going to run out of money in our retirement?  Travel insurance and health insurance  can cost the earth and some people are even refused these insurances. We worry about our savings.  And in addition, we worry about illness and having to pay for care home costs for our parents one day.

In the Mr and Mrs 50 Plus Money Section, there are articles about money, savings, pensions, life insurance,  money stress and more.