Make A Weekend Of It In Marylebone

Lying in the heart of central London, the Marylebone district is a quick side-step away from the tourist trap of Oxford Street where you’ll find a network of Georgian streets with a busy village vibe (albeit a stylish design-led capital city kind of village vibe!). It’s a great base for a visit to the capital […]

Tax Avoidance – Tony’s Monday Moan

Here is an insult to your integrity. The following statement was made recently by a HM Revenue & Customs spokesman: Everyone must pay their fair share of tax, regardless of wealth and status – no one is above the law No Tax Avoidance for PAYE Earners In 2009 HMRC established a taskforce focusing on Britain’s […]

Top Tips for Managing Hot Flushes

There are approximately 34 menopause symptoms.  In the top 5 of the most reported symptoms and synonymous with the menopause is… Hot Flushes.  Hot flushes (and night sweats) can have a massive impact on a woman’s life.  It often leaves some women not wanting to go out due to the frequency and intensity of their […]

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