Alternative Pain Management

Much of the pain medication around at the moment is pretty unpleasant stuff! People with chronic pain and even acute pain are always on the lookout for more natural ways to relieve pain. Alternative pain management strategies like CBT and acupuncture are very much in the news right now …   Alternative Pain Management Pain is […]

The Braun ActivScan™ 9 Blood Pressure Monitor

We’ve been pretty good when it comes to health monitoring. We’ve had a basic electronic blood pressure monitor called ‘Sphygmo’ for several years now.  We use him quite frequently to keep on top of things and to be able to detect any potential ‘hiccups’. He’s simple, reliable and easy to use. Our new one – […]

Win 1 of 5 Copies of A 1950s Irish Childhood

‘A 1950s Irish Childhood: From Catapults to Communion Medals‘ by Ruth Illingworth is well worth reading! If you’d like to Win 1 of 5 copies then read on … 1950s Ireland was the age of De Valera and John Charles McQuaid. It was the age before television, Vatican II, and home central heating. A time […]

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