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Reviews by the over 50s are few and far between if you take a look at many of the review sites out there.  review starsMr and Mrs 50 Plus have a lot to say about things they buy and places they go.  However,  you wouldn’t know it from the dearth of reviews by the over 50s online. It’s as if the over fifties are an invisible group!

Reviews, ratings, word-of-mouth recommendations? Most of us like to know what other people think before we buy a product.  Similarly we like to find out what reviewers think before we go and book a hotel or holiday.  Let’s be fair, most of us check it TripAdvisor before we go to stay anywhere!

Some of MrandMrs50Plus.com’s reviews are review feature articles, whereas others are simply images with brief comments. We will shortly be adding a section where you will be able to review products too.