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Kathryn’s June Top Picks!
My June Top Picks Here are a few of my favourite beauty products, best buys, must haves and top picks.…
Tincture Natural Cleaning Products
Some 2019 Must Haves
2019 Must Haves We're only a few months into the year and I certainly hadn't intended compiling a list of…
VAX Blade 2 Max Cordless Vacuum Cleaner
The VAX Blade 2 MAX Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

MrandMrs50Plus have been getting used to their new VAX Blade 2 MAX Cordless Vacuum Cleaner.  To say they’re impressed is…

Botanicals Cleanse melts
Botanicals Cleanse Melts

I’ve been a convert to cleansing using the hot muslin cloth method for a while now. I’ve tried a few…

DermaTherapy Bedding
DermaTherapy Bedding – No More Night Sweats!

Mrs 50 Plus has been using the DermaTherapy Bedding over the past couple of months and has become a big…

Simba Hybrid Duvet
Simba Hybrid Duvet – No More Night Sweats!

Kathryn aka Mrs 50 Plus has been trying out the new Simba Hybrid Duvet with OUTLAST to combat her night…

Searcys at The Gherkin
The Height of Great Dining – Searcys at The Gherkin

Here’s what Kim had to say about her visit to Searcys at The Gherkin … If you’ve been searching high…

amphora aromatics shea butter and lavender moisturiser
My Summer Likes
Whipped Lavender & Chamomile Shea Butter Moisturiser You know, how every now and again, you come across a new product…
green people age defy+
Green People Age Defy+

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve been trying out the Green People Age Defy+ range and I’ve got to…

Braun ActivScan™ 9 in use
The Braun ActivScan™ 9 Blood Pressure Monitor

We’ve been pretty good when it comes to health monitoring. We’ve had a basic electronic blood pressure monitor called ‘Sphygmo’…


Reviews by the over 50s are few and far between if you take a look at many of the review sites out there.  review starsMr and Mrs 50 Plus have a lot to say about things they buy and places they go.  However,  you wouldn’t know it from the dearth of reviews by the over 50s online. It’s as if the over fifties are an invisible group!

Reviews, ratings, word-of-mouth recommendations? Most of us like to know what other people think before we buy a product.  Similarly we like to find out what reviewers think before we go and book a hotel or holiday.  Let’s be fair, most of us check it TripAdvisor before we go to stay anywhere!

Some of’s reviews are review feature articles, whereas others are simply images with brief comments. We will shortly be adding a section where you will be able to review products too.