A Night Out In Cardiff Bay

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Wanna Dance?

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Top 100 Best Selling Singles of the 70s

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Those Memorable UK TV Adverts

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We all enjoy some form of entertainment.  We’re only human after all!  Whether it’s a song by Rag’n Bone Man or a video by Quentin Tarantino there’ll be something out there somewhere that makes us smile.

Entertainment in the form of books, music, film, games or whatever, can have a power over our emotions.  It can be as great as a personal relationship and can have the ability to motivate, console, heal or amuse.

Sharing our entertainment

In this section we’ll try to bring you some of the things that have entertained us and we hope will do the same for you.  If we see something on YouTube that we think you’d like too, then we’ll give you a sneak peek.  Similarly, if Mrs 50 Plus has been brought to tears again by her latest book then we’ll share the details here for you too.

Have Fun!