Tamara Konstantin pianist
Tamara Konstantin – Musical Mistress of Reinvention

Earlier this month, the composer and pianist Tamara Konstantin enthralled a star studded audience at one of London’s most…

glass ball on water
It’s Important to Keep Earning

Earning is the first of the Four Autonomies to give you a Second Bite of…

understanding women
Understanding Women – Tony Drury’s Monday Moan

I’m 71 years old and so it’s early days but I still haven’t got my…

baby names
Baby Names – Tony’s Monday Moan

This week my Monday Moan is all about Baby Names … To start though ……

fish spa
A 70th Birthday With Feet Eating Fish!

What did I buy my wife for her 70th birthday? You’ve guessed. A visit to…

A Positive Mindset Can Give You A Second Bite of the Cherry

A positive mindset really does make the difference between misery and joy. As we get…

woman walking dog
Approaching The Big Five 0

Years ago, it felt like it would be a big deal to hit being 50.…

Tim Drake, our resident optimist
The Optimist

I’m an optimist.  For me the glass isn’t half full. It’s two thirds full. I…

Silver Gap Year
We Took a Silver Gap Year
We Took a Silver Gap Year As a couple approaching our ‘middle years’, we had…
Tony Drury
Damn it – I’m ageing
I’m bloody ageing and I hate it. A schoolgirl offered me her seat on the…


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