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The winner of the Boots Gift Card Competition on Twitter is Sandy Ralph

The winner of the Amphora Aromatics Competition is Lisa Evans.

The winner of the Tony Drury Novellas Competition is Brenda Clyma.

The winner of the Eyejusters Reading Glasses competition is Michelle Stewart

The Winners of the Mentholatum Mind Your Back Competition are Rob Thorley,
Kathryn Rooney,  Sue Lowther,  Diane Smith, Adam Truman, Nicola Stephenson, Gill Hawkes,  David Gardiner, Siobhan Jones,  Beth Goodyear, Louise Carlisle, Phill Carlisle,  Shaun Heathcote, , Diane Radford, Gemma Holland, BARBARA HARE, Michael Jowett,  Joanna Baxter, Mark Jowett and David Gough

The Winners of the NIVEA MEN BodyShave Sets are Matt Allison and Tony Chapman

The winners of the Parisian Field Guide to Men’s Style competition are Sheila Maxwell, Angela Morgan and Laura Stewart.

The winner of the 4711 Perfumes competition is Colleen Thomas

The winner of the Lumie Bodyclock Active is Chris Bull

The winner of the Alcatel U5 HD Smartphone is Violet Perkins Phillipo.

The winners of the Tim Drake ‘Generation Cherry’ Books are Kathy Patterson, Zoe Dennett and Nick Gaisford

The winner of the Aldi Chocolate Competition on Twitter is @MSEDollyp

The winner of the Wigwam Glamping Holiday Voucher is Harry Baker-Farmer

The winner of The Heartisan Fine Foods Hamper is Sue Smedley

The winner of the Shephy Slippers Competition is Miriam Krutska

The winners of the Zippo Leather Wallets are David Walker, Angella Willis and Karen Godfrey

The winners of the Bryony Hill Cookbooks are Roxanne Noble, Gaynor Vincent and Meena Hindmarch

The winners of the 1950s Irish Childhood Books are Diana Semionova, Robert Sharman, Kelly Knowles, Christopher Ruscoe and Paul Buskell

The winners of the Younger Next Year Back Book competition are David Nicolson, Maria Gellar and Maggie Volland

The winners of  The Green People Competition are Mandy Willson, Dawn Dent and Denise Wilden

The winners of the Quiz Books Competition are Jackie Foster, Vicky Haddock and Pete Seaman

The winners of the Amphora Aromatics Beauty Oils Competition are Julie Dore, Fiona King and Paula Hambly

The winners of the Collagen Ultra Competition are Emma McCarty, Claire Pearson and Victoria Flynn

The winners of the Katie Caldesi Cookbook Competition are Troy Easton and Tina Downs.

The winners of the James Bond Zippo Lighters competition are Roger Owen, Bethany Lawrie and Mick Stewart.

The winners of the AA Skincare Gift Sets Competition are Tina Downs, Wendy Stanger and Tara Bush.

The winner of the Jana Reinhardt Necklace Competition is Maria Kelly.

The winner of the Nanshy Make Up Brushes Competition is Susannah Grosvenor

The winners of the Ace Cleaning Products Giveaway are Tara Bush, Caroline Bartholemew and Kevin Honey.

The winner of the Longway Prime Stunt Scooter Competition is Muhammad Ehsan

The winners of the Sudocrem Skincare Giveaway are  Philippa Whitworth, Tamara Payne, Chirag Patel, Liz Jauncey and Gillian May

The winner of the Castell Apothecary Scented Candle is Imogen Callaghan

The winners of the Tony Drury Signed Books competition are David Patterson, Julia Linsley, Heather Harris, Annette Oliver and Clifford Sherwood.

The winners of the AA Skincare Rejuvenating Rose Hydrating Face Gel are Leanne Knapman, Alexandra harrup and Eleanor Steed

The winner of the So Sweaty Shapewear Set is Kaya Rochester.

The winner of the Amazon Gift Card Competition on Twitter is @giddypixie

The winners of The Courageous Witness books are Lee Clarke, Victoria Bazley, Alan Fullarton, Diane Cotton and Angela Thompson.

The winners of the Zippo Heatbank Competition are Joanna Baxter and Tom Seaman

The winners of the 222 Ways To Trick Yourself To Sleep book are Elizabeth Turvey and Elaine Wickham

The winners of the Frankincense and Rose Face Toner from AA Skincare are Nilza Brito, Julie Clark, Janet Mattinson, Jodie Vincent, Jayne Campbell, Karen Douglas, Louise Martin, Louise Craney, Karyn King and Amanda Noble.

The winner of the Pelviva Pelvic Floor Trainer is Michelle Stewart

The winners of the ‘Improve Your Word Power‘ book are James Kelly, Zoey Hopcroft, Gemma Donner, Astrid Shearer and Martin Noble

The winners of The Motorhome & Caravan Show Tickets are Dave Barraclough, Mike Potter, Stacy Freeland, RICHARD DOBINSON, Donna Musk, Emma Pollard, Amy Blohm, Sue Ellis, Lynn Hawkins and Lauren McKay

The winners of the A Word A Day book are Paul White, Asha Verma, Sherrill Todd, Alison Walker-Hyde and Victoria Middleton

The winners of the Why Do I Feel Like and Imposter? books are Cathy James, Danielle Pearce and Mandy Sharp

The winner of the Kenneth Branagh Live The Winter’s Tale is Susan Willshee.

The winners of The Forbidden Tattoo signed books are Jennifer Cairns, Julie Wightman, Troy Easton, Jayne Wise and Pam Young.

The winners of Get Strong, Get Fit, Get Happy are Sheena Reed and Robert Sharman

The winners of The 5 City Fiction Books are Kath Johnston, Lynn Sanders, Lee Clarke, Angela Thompson and Robert Sharman.

The winner of the Win a Badminton Starter Set Competition is Natalie Gillham.

The winners of the Dead Pretty by Candy Denman Book Competition are Karen Watt, Debra White, Kim Lam, Graham Rose and Cristina McDowall.

The Winner of the Richard Smith ‘Homeward Bound’ Book competition is Maria Langford.

The winners of The Star Witness by Oliver Richbell Competition are Isobel Eames, Antonia Richardson, Jean Gallagher, Alison Latham and Phillip Roseman

The winner of the Pasta Cookbook competition is Anna Stevens.

The winners of the signed copies of The Disintegration book competition are Angela Wood, Barbara Bradie, Sharon Jefferson, Caroline Joaquim and Mark Ward

The winner of the Shower-Me-Up Shower Butters is Claire Armitage

The Winner of the Ergofoam Ergonomic Footrest is Iain MacIver

The Winner of the Mizu M8 Water Bottle is Jade Millard

The Winner of the Disney Tablet Competition from Pebble Gear is Bianca Cranmer

The Winner of The Jana Reinhardt Hummingbird Necklace Competition is Molly Denzel.

The Winner of the Hilton Wellness Set is Claire Ginn