The Doro 8050 Smartphone

The Doro 8050 Smartphone
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  1. I have recently taken a 8050 on, being a newbie to smart phones at 74.
    Quite the worst decision I ever made!!
    Took it back three times!! as it refused to turn on when requested, despite being 80/90 per cent charged.
    Had to unlock my old phone whilst waiting for a new one, which cost me £15, alledgedly being refunded on my next bill.
    Found the navigation difficult along with the jargon which caused a lot of grief.
    Totally frustrated with the whole experience of a ‘smart phone’ I have now reverted to my old Doro 6520 and a sim only scheme.
    No complaints against the retailer, who did all they could, but it turns out to be a fault in the charging connector which drains the battery overnight, even when switched off!!
    Offered a different, higher spec model, but I have lost total confidence in smart phones as a result.
    The sales pitch of the easiest phone for the older person just does not ring true!!!

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