Kim Jones
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Kim Jones is an experienced journalist with over 27 years of writing for national newspapers and magazines such as The Daily Mirror, Sunday Express Magazine and Woman and Home. She specialises in lifestyle, real-life, health and beauty features and lives in Cardiff with her partner, two teenage sons and their cat and cocker spaniel. In her spare time she plays tennis, walks a lot, cycles and enjoys travelling or escaping to the country whenever she can. Oh and she loves a luxurious bubble bath, scented candle and a book. But then, who doesn’t?

Approaching The Big Five 0

Years ago, it felt like it would be a big deal to hit being 50. But now it’s on this summer’s horizon, I realise it’s really just another birthday. A big birthday, yes. A milestone even. Certainly a great excuse…

Real Eye Openers

Puffiness, dark circles, drooping lids and crow’s feet…. they’re common beauty bugbears staring some of us in the mirror. So it’s no surprise that one study found 73% of women say changing the appearance of their eyes is top priority…