Top 100 Best Selling Singles of the 70s

Flared jeans, platform shoes, atrocious mullet hairstyles…  Wasn’t it great!  The ’70s hold such fond memories for us fifty-somethings, don’t they!

It wasn’t the best of times politically, economically or indeed in lots of ways, but it bred a musical style that few could forget.  Cemented by those cheesy Top of the Pops videos and garish posters, the songs and the artists of the seventies remain etched in our memories.

It saw the birth of the ‘punk’ era – the protest songs that somehow shaped a generation and gave birth to musical styles that have enjoyed huge, enduring success since.  Some of the best heavy rock also saw its heyday in the early seventies and the success of the psychedelic and progressive rock bands such as Pink Floyd and Genesis kept us hooked for life.  Not that we’re creatures of habit, of course…

Tomorrow’s Fifty-Somethings

Can the same be said about the subsequent decades?  The high-energy eighties new-romantic phase? The Dance-pop, Hip-hop and Urban musical styles of the ’90s or the Grime, Garage and Jungle styles of the noughties?  Maybe not by us, but when today’s 20-something becomes tomorrows fifty-something, who knows!  Keep a watch out on this site in 2048 and you’ll see.

Now that’s an optimistic take on MrandMrs50Plus, don’t you think?

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