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Kathryn’s Favourite Beauty Products April
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Seven Tips to Naturally Beautiful Skin

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How to Apply Natural Looking Make Up in Your 50s

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Hairstyles for Older Women
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Real Eye Openers

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Ageless Beauty

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Make-Up To Make You Look Better

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Things That Made Me Go Oooooh
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Make-Up for Mature Eyes

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over 50s beautyOver 50s beauty, skincare, hair and make-up features are particularly popular at the moment. With 50 being the new 40, more and more women want to look their best.  We don’t want to look like mutton dressed as lamb however.

When you are 50 plus, your skin is very different to when you were in your 20s.  Your eyelids are drier, for example and so eye-shadow will sit in the creases. Here our beauty experts have plenty of advice and information about make-up, beauty and skincare products for Mrs 50 Plus.

The videos showing you how to apply make-up as you get older are really useful too, so take a look.