Edith and Eddie

Nominated for an Academy Award®, this devastating short film Edith + Eddie tells the story of The USA’s oldest interracial newlyweds. Edith and Eddie are very much in love, but that’s not the whole story as you’ll see if you watch the film.

Cher, the singer and executive producer of the documentary, apparently heard about the couple on The News and offered to pay for the couple’s house to be repaired.

Edith + Eddie is a very moving film and a terrific observational documentary. The story of the elderly bi-racial couple struggling to stay together really tugs at the heartstrings.  In just 30 minutes, the film says so much about ageing, love and infirmity and you see that love at whatever age still lights people up. Watching this intimate portrait of a loving husband and wife, you come to care for the couple almost as much as they clearly love each other.

Abuse and Care for the Elderly

Laura Checkaway, who made the documentary, wanted to tell a heartwarming love story.  However it ended up with a bit of a sour twist when a court order forcibly separated the couple saying that Edith had to go to live in Florida with her daughter. Care for the elderly comes under the microscope in the documentary in a way that Checkaway and we had not anticipated.

Speaking about Edith and Eddie, Cher said:

“They were truly in love. What happened to them is horrible – it’s elder abuse and it’s happening all over. We’re hopeful this film can make a difference.”

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