Kerala – True Beauty in India

Last year we visited a part of India that not many people know about – Kerala.

Kerala proved to be an enlightening and memorable place where we met the friendliest of people, saw some truly impressive landscapes and immersed ourselves in a culture that has been valued by its people for centuries.

Travelling around the beautiful scenery and seeing the huge contrasts between the mangrove-laced coastal regions and the fresh, cooler slopes of the tea plantations in the Western Ghats around Munnar, showed the fantastic diversity of the region.

The most memorable and serene moment was sitting on a houseboat just after sunset, listening to the sounds of the waterways and just immersing our senses in the real southern India.

If you’re apprehensive about travelling to this part of the world or are nervous about how the people will treat you, then please be assured that they were some of the friendliest and nicest people we met during our whole year travelling the world in 2017.  We couldn’t have hoped for a warmer welcome and the memories we brought home will live with us forever.

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