Pilates For Back Pain

It’s not uncommon for most of us to get some back pain as we get older.  Our joints stiffen, we’re not as active as we once were and in general we simply start to creak. Perhaps it’s worth looking at Pilates for back pain.

Our guest author, Lyndsay Hirst shows us here some Pilates routines that will help with that nagging back pain and will hopefully get you back skipping around the park in next to no time.

Lyndsay qualified as a physiotherapist in 2003 and started her career working for the NHS. Her passion for treating musculoskeletal problems grew as did her dedication to further her knowledge. She soon found Pilates exercises to be a superbly effective solution for addressing and preventing many of the issues her patients were experiencing. Lyndsay has since gained a lot of clinical Pilates and clinical yoga qualifications and has been teaching her own classes since 2006

Impact Injury and Pain.

She owns a very successful physiotherapy practice with an on-site Pilates studio, which was established in 2010. She knows how much of an impact injury and pain can have on the human body and has been able to use her knowledge to create her own unique Pilates exercises programmes that have helped so many of her patients.

We hope you enjoy this video on Pilates for back pain and that it helps you to make your life just that little bit more comfortable.

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