Tim Drake Talks About Generation Cherry

From Enlightened Thrift to The Four Autonomies (Earning, Learning, Giving and Recharging) Tim Drake’s book is a toolkit for this new era of retirees.  It helps analyse your wider human wealth and develop a coherent and resilient sense of autonomy.  It will also help you find meaning in how you spend your days.  Our resident optimist, Tim explores the way older people choose to live their later lives to the full – or not!  Here he describes Generation Cherry.

Tim Drake co-founded and ran his own successful business, before setting out on new adventures. And he has achieved things along the way — playing rugby for Cambridge, co-founding and running several companies, founding and chairing CEO Think Tanks, and co-founding a couple of charities — but he has always felt he is still just a promising youngster.

Learn From the Young

He is particularly interested in how we can learn from the mindsets of young people, because the young tend to be plugged in more effectively to how society is developing. They are the canaries down the mines, and can lead us to the fresh air of more creativity, more fun, and more fulfilment. They can teach us about socialisation, technology, and approaches to work. Failing to adjust can lead to unnecessary frustration, grumpiness, and a distorted view of how society is developing.

Generation Cherry

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