A Rugby Scrum
Humour in Sport – The Monday Moan

The death of Keith Murdock (74) will only mean something to sports fanatics. The humour in sport might register more…

Australian Cricketers - a disgrace.
Australian Cricketers – The Monday Moan

I get it. You want to understand why Australian cricketers keep crying. My editor, the lovely Kathryn, lives in fear…

Don’t Read This If You Are A Cyclist.

The Monday Moan I blame Boris Johnson and his London based eighteen mile east-west  superhighway for cyclists.  All well and…

The Monday Moan

blah blahTony loves a good moan.  He particularly likes a Monday Moan!

The Monday Moan section is where people over 50 have a rant about something that’s really bugging them! Their bugbears could be your bugbears. Who knows?

Tony Drury is our biggest moaner. Tony’s always got something to moan and rant about as you can see. From cyclists taking over the roads to our litigious society. From Australian cricketers to Russian oligarchs – you name it – Tony can moan about it!