deprerssed woman
Depressed or Fed up – Tony’s Monday Moan

Depressed or fed up? Depression is a genuine medical condition, a real illness with very real symptoms. Depression is a…

blame culture
Moral Hazard – Tony’s Monday Moan

 BREAKING NEWS: ‘A car has been hit in Shropshire by a train on a level crossing. Our thoughts go out…

The NHS Operating Theatre
The NHS – The Monday Moan

Happy birthday! Today (5 July 2018) is the seventieth birthday of the National Health Service. The celebrations are all around…

Prisoners of Geography
Prisoners of Geography – The Monday Moan

Are native populations prisoners of geography ? Geoffrey Boycott (77) who, according to G. Boycott, is the greatest ever English…

Helicopter Parents
Helicopter Parents – The Monday Moan

Oh hell! No sooner had I sorted out ‘upskirting’ than along lands ‘ helicopter parents ’. You may need to…

faux pas error
The Faux Pas – Tony’s Monday Moan

The French phrase ‘ faux pas ’ translates to ‘false step’. A political equivalent happened last Friday when Sir Christopher…

understanding women
Understanding Women – Tony Drury’s Monday Moan

I’m 71 years old and so it’s early days but I still haven’t got my head around understanding women. My…

baby names
Baby Names – Tony’s Monday Moan

This week my Monday Moan is all about Baby Names … To start though … You will earn my sincere…

Health Check - Keeping in Shape
Keeping In Shape – The Monday Moan

She peered into my eyes and sighed: her scent was fragrant. She told me to look at her left ear.…

fish spa
A 70th Birthday With Feet Eating Fish!

What did I buy my wife for her 70th birthday? You’ve guessed. A visit to a Spa. Generous to a…

The Monday Moan

blah blahTony loves a good moan.  He particularly likes a Monday Moan!

The Monday Moan section is where people over 50 have a rant about something that’s really bugging them! Their bugbears could be your bugbears. Who knows?

Tony Drury is our biggest moaner. Tony’s always got something to moan and rant about as you can see. From cyclists taking over the roads to our litigious society. From Australian cricketers to Russian oligarchs – you name it – Tony can moan about it!